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Introduction of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Update time:2017-07-25

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive substances and all sterilization products which can not be sterilized by autoclaving. Ethylene oxide sterilizer must meet the following conditions, such as water, electricity, steam (ethylene oxide gas, compressed air) to carry out sterilization procedures. Ethylene oxide has good bactericidal ability to various microorganisms, and its penetrability is very strong, and it has little damage to articles. Ethylene oxide is also called "ethylene oxide", which is colorless transparent liquid and has ether odor.

Gaseous ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive, and should be kept in a special ampoule or pressure vessel. Ethylene oxide sterilizer should be installed in sterile environment, close to compressed air. In this environment, exhaust fans should be set up to eliminate the ethylene oxide which is diffused in the air. Articles sterilized with ethylene oxide should be packed in standard standard paper and plastic packaging. Indicator card in ladle. Disinfection date is generally 1-2 years. Such as disinfection of all kinds of goods, especially all kinds of pipeline must be guaranteed to dry, to prevent the water can not reach the sterilization effect. Oil products are forbidden to be sterilized by ethylene oxide sterilizer. Because it can not reach the purpose of sterilization.



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