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Sterilization steps principle of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Update time:2017-08-05

A kind of epoxy ethane sterilizer belongs to the sterilizer, you may have heard about it, but for the principle of sterilization is not very clear, ethylene oxide sterilizer comprises a puncture into medicine, sterilization, sterilization process in several stages of exhaust.

When the ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for piercing, some details need to be known. After the humidification is successful, the vacuum generator works to the lower limit of vacuum, and the puncture needle is pushed out and the puncture air tank is pulled out. After the puncture, the pressure transmitter monitors the pressure change to determine whether the pressure meets the requirements, indicating the concentration of ethylene oxide gas. In the whole sterilization stage, the sterilization chamber always maintains the negative pressure state to avoid the leakage of ethylene oxide gas, and the sterilization time is set by the program.

After the sterilization of the ethylene oxide sterilizer, it is necessary to remove the ethylene oxide gas in the chamber by pulsating evacuation. The specific process is to take the time to 18kPa, and then the air back to 55kPa, so run 30 minutes. In the exhaust stage, most ethylene oxide gas can be removed from the sterilization room, but still contains ethylene oxide residues in the sterilization products, which need further treatment.



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