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Biological Indicator For Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Update time:2017-10-24

Usage method:

1, in the biological indicator label blank place with oil notebook sterilization management necessary.

2. In each sterilization cycle, according to the requirements determined by the sterilization process, put the required quantity of biological indicator into the specified position of the sterilizer.

3. After sterilization, the biological indicator was taken out. After cooling at room temperature, the ampoule was broken by clip clip, and the plastic tube was shocked several times to ensure that the carrier of bacteria was completely immersed in the culture medium.

4, the broken ampoule pipe clamp biological indicator in the 35 - 2 Deg. C temperature on cultured for 48 hours, observed every 24 hours, to confirm whether medium change from green to yellow, if the color changed from green to yellow, indicating the unqualified sterilization. If 48 hours after cultivation, the color is still green, indicating sterilization qualified.

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